What can you Achieve

You can learn about pattern cutting, dressmaking, repairs and alterations, seasonal crafts, children’s clothing, soft furnishings and curtain making, recycling of any fabrics to make new garments and products, including the use of retro and vintage clothing, theatrical costumes and fancy dress for both adults and children.


Learn to make your own clothes and furnishings for your home and to repair and adapt clothes for yourself and your family.
If you wish you can bring your own sewing machine to learn how to use all of its features or your sewing course can be using our new up to date machines.


Use your new found skills to help with projects for community groups, schools, churches and charities, your expertise will always be in demand.


Don’t throw clothes away any more. Use the fabric to make useful things that you want. Learn how to do your own repairs and alterations in order to save money and the planet.


Once you have learned the basic techniques you will have the ability and the confidence to do it yourself but when you need help you can come back to me and we will work through it.


Perhaps you have a sewing project you started and felt unable to finish, don’t leave it in a draw, I can help you complete it.


You can use your creativity to produce unique designs that fit you perfectly and gain admiration and complements from your friends.



Imagine the satisfaction you will gain from being able to make dresses and skirts to take on holiday and to customise T shirts and other clothes already in your wardrobe, you may be able to achieve this after a very short time.




Charlotte started with us as a complete novice and after a few hours tuition has made this lovely dress for her 3 year old daughter.



I think Katie is very pleased with her new dress and Charlotte is now embarking on a dress for her mum





Once you discover just what you can do for yourself there will be no stopping you! You will have gained a useful and money saving skill as well as a creative and fulfilling hobby.