Hello Sue

Thank you so much for this week we had a blast and so good that you are near daisy made : )

Little photo of the dress we did 

Hope you can use 

Are you free a week after next so we can have a blast at a pinafore type dress, I will bring my instructions as need to learn how to button and zip ????

Speak soon 


I really enjoyed Sue's 4 hour beginner course - as a complete novice who hasn't sewn anything since school, I had no idea where to begin, but Sue took me back to basics in a relaxed, easy-to-understand way, and I really enjoyed completing my beginners project. I would recommend the course to anyone in a similar position, and hope to come back soon and start working on my next project.
Best wishes,
I recently enrolled in Sue's beginner course.  I have done hand sewing for a while and machine sewing at school but had forgotton most of it!  Doing the course has given me the confidence to use a sewing machine again and not being frightened of it!

Sew simple with Sue does exactly what is says on the tin. Sue makes sewing simple. In just a few sessions, with Sue's help I had made a full length dress. It's a great feeling to wear something that I have made and I've got exactly what I wanted instead of trawling the shops for a high-street interpretation. Sue is a great source of sewing knowledge. I came away, relaxed, impressed and more confident in my own sewing abilities. For anyone interested in sewing I would definitely recommend!  

Nicola Brewster