Dressmaking and Alterations



We also undertake dressmaking and alterations for you from Ball Gowns and Prom Dresses to Blouses, Skirts and trousers.




We will make clothes to your taste and style, give advice on patterns and fabrics keeping you involved at all stages of the process making sure it is what you want and fits you perfectly.





A lovely simple elegant Prom Dress can cost as little as £95 including materials but the choice is yours.










We can alter and customise

recycled or vintage clothes,

make that specialdress fit

you properly again after

the successful diet and

undertake all types 

of alteration.



Measuring and fitting

will be in the privacy

and comfort of

our studio.




Contact us 7 days a week

between9am and 9pm

to make anappointment

or discuss your